A trust can often be an attractive asset holding vehicle for a number of reasons. Clients have a variety of motives for settling assets into trust which include: asset protection, wealth preservation, succession planning, maintaining confidentiality, efficient employee reward. 

Strong technical expertise and significant experience in the establishment and administration of offshore structures enables Confiànce to work constructively with our clients and their advisers when they are considering settling assets into trust.

A broad range of assets can be held in a trust: residential property, commercial property, development property, trading companies, private equity interests, investment portfolios, intellectual property, wine, art and yachts.

Changing international laws and regulations, as well as changing familial circumstances, residential status or investment objectives of our clients, mean that the structures we administer need to be continually monitored to ensure that they remain fit for purpose.

If you are considering settling assets into trust and would like to talk through the process with experienced professionals, please contact one of the Principals for further information on how we might be able to assist you.